RWA Recap | Q2 2023

This Q2 in RWA: 2.0+ Testnet live, BNB Chain, Credit Penguin Colony, the 3.0 Proposal and more...

RWA Recap | Q2 2023

Welcome to the Q2 RWA Recap Report where we'll be covering all the major events and happenings in the Creditcoin RWA Ecosystem over the past three months. In the meantime, strap yourselves in for an exciting Q3 for Creditcoin, with the launch of the 2.0+ mainnet fast approaching!!!

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2.0+ Testnet is now Live!

The Creditcoin 2.0+ Testnet is live right now, letting anyone join the Network and earn an exciting array of rewards, with a total prize pool of 400,000 mainnet CTC ups for grabs. Simply join the Testnet as a Nominator or Validator to start earning rewards and help us get the 2.0+ ready for launch.

We’ve been overwhelmed by your support for the Testnet so far, with well over 4,000 Testnet applications to-date. If you want to join, make sure you fill out the Testnet application form here.

2.0+ is set to drastically improve network performance and make the long-awaited switch to Nominated Proof-of-Stake. Here’s a quick summary of the changes coming…

  • PoW → NPoS
  • Block Time Reduction: 60 seconds → 15 seconds
  • Block Rewards: 28 $CTC (per 60 sec) → 2 $CTC (per 15 sec)

👉 Find out exactly what’s happening and why in our 2.0+ Explained Article.

Creditcoin 3.0 Proposal

Tae Oh dropped the Creditcoin 3.0 bombshell, announcing our plans to revolutionise Web3 and Creditcoin. The major protocol upgrade is set to introduce “Universal Smart Contracts” which can coordinate, interact and update smart contracts across Web3 to harmonize multi-chain smart contracts, and enable all sorts of new multi-chain applications.

Here’s just a quick preview of what Universal Smart Contracts can do…

Multi-Chain Launchpad/Fundraising - Creditcoin 3.0 lets developers harmonize real-world fundraising across multiple chains, giving users more choice, and fundraisers more liquidity. For example, Creditcoin 3.0 will enable the Investor DAO to deliver multi-chain RWA Investment Opportunities, letting users invest on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and more!

Multi-Chain DEX - But it's not just RWA markets which can benefit, with 3.0, you'll be able to swap coins or partake in spot/futures across different chains without ever having to wrap or bridge your tokens, resolving a key friction point in today’s decentralized exchange ecosystem.

Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace - Universal Smart Contracts will unlock dozens of game-changing innovations including multi-chain #NFT marketplaces allowing you to trade NFTs on one chain with tokens from another.

Find out more about what Creditcoin 3.0 means for Web3 here. 👇

Proposing Creditcoin 3.0
Creditcoin 3.0 proposal is here and here’s what it is about.

The Credit Penguin Colony (CPC) Collection is Live!

The penguin legions marched forth. For the much anticipated Credit Penguin Colony NFT collection is now officially live, featuring a range of exciting, bodacious and truly ridiculous penguins to mark your membership in the Creditcoin community! Check out the collection on OpenSea today.

Creditcoin Roadmap

🔮 Want to look into the crystal ball and divine Creditcoin's future? Look no further than our roadmap! We've got a lot of exciting developments in the works, with Creditcoin 2.0+ dropping soon and the huge Creditcoin 3.0 update under construction. Check out the full roadmap for all the details.

Exciting New Horizons: Our Roadmap Is Here!
We’re excited to finally unveil the roadmap for Creditcoin, including the transition to Proof-of-Stake, Creditcoin 3.0 and more!

Nigeria in Focus

If you didn't already know, the Creditcoin Foundation is betting big on Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa. It's not hard to understand why, with an incredibly young, tech-savvy population and a changing regulatory environment set to unlock blockchain and spur economic growth in the country. Want to know more about Nigeria's prospect? Then look no further than our deep dive 👇

A New Horizon for Blockchain in Nigeria?
Nigeria’s new government is paving the way for a blockchain revolution in Africa’s biggest economy. Read on to learn more.

Milestone Achieved | 3+ Million Loans Recorded On-chain

If you didn't already know, Creditcoin has recorded over 3 million loan transactions to-date, mostly in Africa. I can't tell you for sure if that makes it the biggest RWA blockchain in the world, but I'd guess it's pretty likely.

Tae Talks | Creditcoin 2.0+ RWA performance

Creditcoin 2.0+ is set to radically improve the network’s RWA performance, helping us deliver more loans, both faster and cheaper. Learn more about the performance uplifts coming with 2.0+ from the Creditcoin founder himself, Tae Oh.


If you’re fan of AMAs, the we’ve got you sorted! Creditcoun founder, Tae Oh, spoke with BNB Chain about our plans for the future of RWA investing on Creditcoin. Check it out.


Gluwa Academy Launch

Not the sharpest investor in the real-world asset ecosystem? Fear not my friend, for Gluwa Academy is here to help you achieve RWA enlightenment!

Over 1,000+ people have already signed up, and no wonder really, given that our RWA bootcamp is totally awesome and completely FREE! What's not to love? Sign up today 👇

Gluwa Academy
Learn about the exciting world of real-world asset #RWA investing for FREE and discover how you can unlock trillions of dollars in untapped value

Gluwa Wallet BNB CHAIN support

The Gluwa wallet now supports BNB CHAIN, letting users send & receive $BNB $BUSD $USDC freely throughout the Creditcoin ecosystem. This is merely the latest step in our mission to deliver a truly multi-chain RWA experience with Creditcoin 3.0.

Gluwa in talks with the Nigerian Ministry of Finance over new crypto policy framework!

ICYMI, Gluwa is in talks with the Nigerian Ministry of Finance over a deal to support the development of a new crypto policy framework in Africa’s biggest economy!

By creating a new blockchain-friendly policy framework, the two parties are seeking to help unlock growth, innovation and financial inclusion in the rapidly growing country, while also protecting consumers and preventing illicit activities.

Whilst nothing has been finalized yet, Ahmed Kufeji, from the Nigerian Ministry of Finance commented: “We are pleased to see interest from companies like Gluwa… and are committed to creating a policy framework that encourages innovation and investment”

Biggest Ever Lottery Winner

Q2 featured our biggest ever Lottery prize winner, with the lucky winner scooping a cool $3,515 - congratulations to them. Currently, the Lottery is awaiting migration to a new chain so we’re not accepting new investors, but, as we previously mentioned, you’ll hear more from us as soon as that changes!

Download links: 🍏 Apple | 🤖 Android

To join the lottery, you’ll need to sign up to the Investor DAO - Investor DAO is democratizing global investment by putting you in the driver’s seat, with full control over where your money goes, unrivaled investment transparency, a minimum investment size of only $1 USDC, and decentralized governance in the pipeline.

Check out our Investor DAO Introduction to learn more

Gluwa Capital Audit Complete

Gluwa Fund LP has successfully completed its annual audit of financial statements in accordance with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) audit requirements.

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By working with technology partners, fintech lenders such as Aella, and other financial institutions across global emerging markets, Creditcoin is securing capital financing, building credit history and facilitating trust for millions of underserved financial customers and businesses based on the principles of Open Finance.

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