RWA Recap | H2 2023

This H2 in RWA: Creditcoin 2.0+ Mainnet launch, 1M+ real-world transactions, first governance vote and more....

RWA Recap | H2 2023

Hold on to your hats folks, because we're about to take you on a whirlwind journey through the past six months at Creditcoin! From the epic launch of Creditcoin 2.0+ to our historic first community governance vote, get ready to experience all the major accomplishments, exciting challenges, and everything in between.

We'll delve into the heart of achievements like:

  • Creditcoin 2.0+ Mainnet launch: Ushering in a new era of network performance with NPoS consensus.
  • Millions of real-world transactions: Witnessing the growing impact of Creditcoin in emerging markets.
  • First ever community governance vote: Empowering YOU to shape the future of Creditcoin.

So, grab your popcorn, strap yourselves in, and get ready to be amazed! Let’s begin.


Creditcoin 2.0+ Mainnet is LIVE!

After months of anticipation, the Creditcoin 2.0+ Mainnet officially launched in September, delivering a complete overhaul of the network’s consensus model from PoW to NPoS, and along with it, tonnes of real-world performance improvements!

NPoS maintains the same fundamental cryptographic principles and economic incentives to achieve network security as PoS, while introducing a range of new improvements aimed at boosting both the decentralization and efficiency of the protocol.

This includes changes to the underlying tokenomics, a quadrupling of block speeds, increased scalability, reduced energy efficiency and more.

If you want to learn more about Creditcoin’s NPoS implementation, head to this post to discover what it all means:

📊 2.0+ Mainnet Launch Statistics 📊

  • Total CTC Staked: 92.7M / 156M Total CTC
  • Mainnet Participants: 54,565
  • Unique Total Nominators: 26,867
  • Unique Total Validators: 72
  • Number of Creditcoin Wallet holders: 576,718

Indeed, this exciting milestone would never have been possible without the invaluable testing, feedback and overwhelming support of our global community. Together, we’ve built an RWA protocol with over 1M+ real-world transactions, secured by over 26k participating nominators worldwide. Let’s get it.

Cointelegraph Coverage: Real-world asset-focused network hits key milestone in journey to multichain future

Word on the street is that Creditcoin's 2.0+ update is making waves.

Cointelegraph took a deep dive exploring the Creditcoin 2.0+ update to learn how the protocol is delivering “true blockchain utility” (their words not ours) across emerging markets. Indeed, since its launch, the protocol has recorded over 4.2 million loan transactions worth $79.7 million. That figure continues to rise.

If you want to learn more about how Creditcoin is spearheading global RWA adoption, then make sure you don’t miss the article 👇

Creditcoin Newsletter hits 10k+ readers

In less than a year, our brand new Creditcoin Newsletter has amassed a loyal readership of over 10,000, delivering a weekly dose of the hottest crypto gossip, mind-blowing real-world applications, and market-moving updates, all straight to your inbox.

If you're looking to stay ahead of the curve and immerse yourself in the crypto revolution, our newsletter is your gateway to the inner sanctum of the digital asset universe.

Sign up today and join the thousands who are already in the know. 👇

SubWallet x CTC Integration

We've forged an exciting new partnership with SubWallet, the one-stop multichain wallet solution, to empower you with seamless CTC token storage, management, and transfers, all within a single, user-friendly interface.

With SubWallet, your CTC tokens are in excellent hands, secure and effortlessly accessible. But that's not all! SubWallet also brings you the convenience of in-app CTC staking, allowing you to contribute to network security without ever leaving the app. It's a win-win for both network stability and your CTC holdings.

Embark on your CTC management journey with SubWallet today! Simply follow our comprehensive guide ( and experience the future of CTC token management today.

Monthly Creditcoin Q&A Bonanza

We’re building the Great Library of Creditcoin knowledge through our monthly Q&A series, where each month, we open up the floor to your burning questions, giving you a chance to connect with our experts and gain insider insights into Creditcoin.

Indeed, if your question gets selected for the monthly Q&A, you’ll even walk away with a nice 50 $CTC bonus to sweeten the deal. Unleash your curiosity and explore our ever-growing library of Q&As below.

July Q&A 

August Q&A:

September Q&A: 

October Q&A:

Creditcoin 101 | $CTC Explained

For all the newcomers to the Creditcoin ecosystem, it's important to understand what exactly the CTC token is used for! There are also (the sometimes confusing but important) differences between the ERC-20 and mainnet CTC tokens which you should be aware of.

This 101 guide runs you through everything you need to understand about the CTC token!

Credtcoin Swap Tool Live

November was a great month for all you swapaholics out there as we unveiled our brand new Creditcoin swap tool, and along with it, THREE brand new swaps:

CTC ↔ wCTC | A two-way swap helping to unlock mainnet trading liquidity, empowering you to swap your CTC on Uniswap.

G-CRE → CTC | A one-way swap that grants G-CRE holders the power to vest their tokens and unlocks the door to mainnet staking.

GATE → CTC | One-way swap enabling GATE holders to transition their tokens onto the inheritor of the Gateway DAO platform.

But hold on, because this is just the tip of the iceberg! Creditcoin 3.0's revolutionary universal smart contracts feature, slated for release next year, will elevate the swapping experience even further. With this groundbreaking innovation, you'll be able to seamlessly swap your tokens across multiple chains, fostering unprecedented accessibility and liquidity within the Network.

First Governance Vote | CIP-1

Creditcoin hosted its first ever community governance vote in November, on the CIP-1 proposal. The proposal would see the creation of a new ERC-20 wrapped CTC token (wCTC) in order to help facilitate trading liquidity for mainnet holders.

With over 9M votes, and 94% votes in favour, the community voting overwhelmingly to implement CIP-1. Just one short month later, the Creditcoin swap tool officially went live in breakneck speed, letting users swap their CTC (mainnet) for wCTC in order to access trading on Uniswap.

The proposal marks the first time Creditcoin has trialled public governance on the Opensquare platform, and its overwhelming success leaves the door wide open for further governance votes with the arrival of Creditcoin 3.0.


As we reflect on the past six months, it's clear that Creditcoin has made significant strides towards achieving its vision. From the successful launch of Creditcoin 2.0+ to the first community governance vote, we've witnessed tremendous growth, innovation, and community engagement.

But this is just the beginning. With Creditcoin 3.0 on the horizon, we're poised to take the next giant leap forward in RWA adoption. This update will introduce groundbreaking features like universal smart contracts for cross-chain compatibility, unlocking exciting new opportunities connecting the entire Web3 ecosystem and beyond.

So, buckle up and prepare for an even wilder ride in the coming months! The future of Creditcoin is bright, and we can't wait to share it with all of you.

About Creditcoin

Creditcoin is a foundational L1 blockchain designed to match and record credit transactions, creating a public ledger of credit history and loan performance and paving the way for a new generation of interoperable cross-chain credit markets.

By working with technology partners, fintech lenders such as Aella, and other financial institutions across global emerging markets, Creditcoin is securing capital financing, building credit history and facilitating trust for millions of underserved financial customers and businesses based on the principles of RWA.

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