RWA Recap | August 2023

This month in RWA: Tae talks testnet, partnership sealed with SubWallet, planned 50M CTC burn.

RWA Recap | August 2023

Welcome to the August RWA Recap, where we'll be covering all the major events and happenings in the Creditcoin Ecosystem over the last month.

In case you missed it, the Creditcoin 2.0+ mainnet is now live, with. Sadly, it came just a couple days too late to be featured in this recap here. But, happily, that means there's still time to join the exciting mainnet incentive program to claim your FREE CTC token and guaranteed prize! Find all the information you need to win here.

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Tae Talks | Testnet Mission Complete

Creditcoin founder, Tae Oh, shared his thoughts on the Testnet’s success. Indeed, the move over to NPoS is beckoning in a new era of greater decentralization, accessibility and performance, but it wouldn’t have ever been possible without our community!  Take a quick peek at our Testnet stats for yourself:

  • Total Applicants: 9,412
  • Total Active Validators: 286
  • Total Active Nominators: 2,882
  • Countries: 91 🌏
  • Top 5 Countries: 🇮🇳🇮🇩🇺🇸🇰🇷🇵🇰

Without the amazing help and feedback of you all throughout the Testnet, the mainnet launch certainly wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it has. Indeed, the mainnet launch has been an even bigger success, with over 5,000 nominators joining the Network already! Thank you all.

50M CTC Burn | ERC-20 -> Mainnet

As part of our commitment to ensuring the long-term security of the Network, we’re burning 50M CTC (ERC-20) and swapping it for mainnet tokens in order to partake in Network staking and validation. Not only will this help secure the Network, it’s also effectively reducing the circulating supply of tradable CTC.

Creditcoin x SubWallet partnership

Creditcoin sealed an exciting partnership with SubWallet, a Web3 compatible multi-chain wallet, available today on both desktop on mobile. Now, users can seamlessly manage their CTC tokens natively in SubWallet. The latest SubWallet app update has also added support for in-app staking, letting you partake in Network security without ever having to leave the app. Check out our guide to getting started on SubWallet today.

Creditcoin 101 | $CTC Explained

For all the newcomers to the Creditcoin ecosystem, it's important to understand what exactly the CTC token is used for! There’s also (the sometimes confusing but important) differences between the ERC-20 and mainnet CTC tokens which you should be aware. This 101 guide runs you through everything you need to understand about the CTC token!

August Town Hall | Testnet Success

In case you missed it, there’s still time to listen to me (Toby the Editor) as I spoke with Alan and Ada to discuss the outcomes of the Testnet. If you’re not into the sounds of Creditcoin Townhall ASMR, then fret not - we’ve also written up a transcript for you to have a look at at your own leisure!

July RWA Recap

It’s RWA recap-ception. If you want a quick reminder of everything Creditcoin did in July, then this is the place to go.


10k $CTC August Giveaway!

August marks the our very last Lottery Event for Gluwa users. This time, we were sharing a tidy 10k CTC of bonus interest with the community, split between all investors.

Lottery Winners

August saw four lucky lottery winners scoop a cool $853.39, $590.50, $1,297.61 and $77.74, respectively. Congratulations! You can download the Gluwa app below.

Download links: 🍏 Apple | 🤖 Android

About Creditcoin

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Having integrated with various fintech lenders and connecting them directly to global DeFi investors, the Creditcoin network has helped thousands of borrowers, businesses, and investors secure capital financing, build credit history, and make global RWA investments.

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