RWA Recap | May 2023

This month in RWA: Nigeria in focus, Creditcoin Roadmap, and the run up to the Credit Penguin Colony launch!

RWA Recap | May 2023

This month in RWA: Nigeria in focus, Creditcoin Roadmap, and the run up to the Credit Penguin Colony launch!

Welcome to the May RWA Recap Report, where we'll be covering all the major events and happenings in the Creditcoin RWA Ecosystem over the last month.


Creditcoin Roadmap

🔮 Want to look into the crystal ball and divine Creditcoin's future? Look no further than our roadmap! We've got a lot of exciting developments in the works, with Creditcoin 2.0+ dropping very soon (testnet will be going live this month), and Creditcoin 3.0 very much under construction. Check out the full roadmap for all the details 👇


Nigeria in Focus

If you didn't already know, the Creditcoin Foundation is betting big on Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa. It's not hard to understand why, with an incredibly young, tech-savvy population and a changing regulatory environment set to unlock blockchain and spur economic growth in the country. Want to know more about Nigeria's prospect? Then look no further than our deep dives 👇

A New Horizon for Blockchain in Nigeria?
Nigeria’s new government is paving the way for a blockchain revolution in Africa’s biggest economy. Read on to learn more.

3+ million loans recorded on-chain

If you didn't already know, Creditcoin has recorded over 3 million loan transactions to-date, mostly in Africa. I can't tell you if that makes it the biggest RWA blockchain in the world, but I'd guess it's pretty likely.


Tae Talks | Community Questions

We dropped a big batch of community questions, answered directly by Creditcoin founder, Tae Oh. If there's something your curious about, whether that's 2.0+, 3.0, Gluwa or whatever else, there's a good chance you'll find your answer below 👇

Tae Talks | Community Questions
We sat down with Tae to answer your community questions, covering 2.0+ staking requirements, 3.0 design and much much more…

Multi-chain DEX with Creditcoin 3.0

Creditcoin 3.0 will unlock myriad new exciting use cases across Web3 for RWA and beyond. One of these exciting opportunities is the creation of a truly multi-chain DEX which supports seamless trading across multiple chains!


New CTC/ETH trading pair liquidity on #Uniswap V3!

Who doesn't love a bit of liquidity! Speaking of liquidity, we added some to the CTC/ETH trading pair on Uniswap V3.


GATE Halving Complete

As scheduled, GATE experienced its first halving, meaning that GTD holders will be receiving fewer rewards for staking. Once 2.0+ drops, GATE holders will be able to swap their GATE for mainnet CTC in order to partake in mainnet staking.


RWA Recap April 2023

If you missed the last recap, don't worry, here's your reminder to check it out.


May Creditcoin Q&A

As usual, our monthly Q&A dropped a couple of days ago, covering a broad selection of your RWA Ecosystem questions, including our G-CRE plans, GATE swap details, the Flexible Yield and more…

'Real Assets, Real Impact' initiative

Our amazing 'Real Assets, Real Impact' initiative has been in full swing for a while now, spreading the #RWA word, educating our users and offering up whopping prizes!!! We're almost into the final week, so make sure you don't forget to complete the weekly discord quiz to win the $500 grand $CTC prize…

In case your curious, check out our RARI master tweets from May below.

Nigeria's blockchain Opportunity | Creditcoin's real-world impact

Creditcoin's RWA lending metrics | RWA Introduction


Credit Penguin Colony | Giveaways and FAQ

Penguin season is almost upon us. Make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to board the Credit Penguin Colony ship while spots last! Captain Guin has been busy making the preparations and it's almost time to go… Here's a link to our previous competitions, but don't worry if you missed out, there'll be more opportunities to come.



Tae visits Nigeria

Gluwa CEO, Tae Oh, attended the inauguration of new Nigerian president, Bola Tinubu, who's party are promising to revamp the country's outdated approach to blockchain.

Gluwa Academy | Special Offer

Over 700 people have already signed up to Gluwa Academy, and no wonder really, given that our RWA bootcamp is totally awesome and completely FREE!

Now is also the perfect time to join, with 50 Credit Penguin whitelist spots up for grabs, as well as 2,000 $CTC in prizes!

What's not to love? Sign up today 👇

Gluwa Academy
Learn about the exciting world of real-world asset #RWA investing for FREE and discover how you can unlock trillions of dollars in untapped value

Lottery Event | 40k $CTC June Giveaway!!

Whilst the Lottery Account continues to await migration, we continue to host exciting giveaways exclusively for Lottery Account investors. Enjoy!


Lottery Winners

April saw four lucky lottery winners scoop a cool $514.51, $ 514.51 and $428.76, $428.76 respectively. Congratulations!

Currently, the Lottery Account is awaiting migration to a new chain so we’re not accepting new investors, but, as we previously mentioned, you’ll hear more from us as soon as that changes!

Download links: 🍏 Apple | 🤖 Android

Investor DAO democratizes global investment whilst putting you in the driver’s seat, with full control over where your money goes, unrivaled investment transparency, a minimum investment size of only $1 USDC, and decentralized governance in the pipeline.

Check out our Investor DAO Introduction to learn more

That's it for this months recap. Please join us again next time,


About Creditcoin

Creditcoin is a foundational L1 blockchain designed to match and record credit transactions, creating a public ledger of credit history and loan performance and paving the way for a new generation of interoperable cross-chain credit markets.

By working with technology partners, fintech lenders such as Aella, and other financial institutions across global emerging markets, Creditcoin is securing capital financing, building credit history and facilitating trust for millions of underserved financial customers and businesses based on the principles of RWA.


About Gluwa

Gluwa is an Open Finance platform, connecting global capital to emerging market lending and investment opportunities through blockchain technology, and empowering users with the choice and information they need to prosper.

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