RWA Recap | Q3 2022

A brief summary of biggest RWA stories from Q3 2022, including the new Block Explorer, CTC staking, TRON + Polygon and more.

RWA Recap | Q3 2022

A brief summary of biggest RWA stories from Q3 2022, including the new Block Explorer, CTC staking, TRON + Polygon and more!


Creditcoin 2.0

  • New Block Explorer — Our brand new Creditcoin block explorer, lets you monitor Creditcoin 2.0 as it records thousands of loans each and every day. The Block Explorer isn’t feature complete yet — with more ecosystem metrics on the way including TVL, default rates and partner-specific loan book metrics.
  • $8.8M Aella Loans Recorded As of August 8th, Aella had recorded $8.8M USD in loans on Creditcoin 2.0 within 58 days of their integration going live.
  • Hashrate ATH — Creditcoin hit a new all time record hash rate of over 300 GH/s.

Gateway DAO

  • CTC Staking Launch — CTC staking for the Gateway DAO launched in July, letting users wrap and stake CTC in the Gluwa app to help secure the Gateway DAO and earn GATE rewards. Since the launch of staking, the total staked CTC reached 38M.
  • GATE listed in Uniswap — The GATE/CTC trading pair was listed on Uniswap, the world’s biggest decentralized exchange. Trading instructions can be found here.


  • TRON Partnership — The partnership will see the development of a new TRON Gateway DAO bridge, as well as support for TRC20 tokens in the Gluwa Wallet, facilitating new exchange listings and low-cost stablecoins transactions for Gluwa Invest.
  • Polygon Integration— The partnership will see a new Gateway DAO bridge deployed and Polygon support for the Gluwa Wallet. It will also deliver Polygon support for the Creditcoin Mainnet, meaning Polygon-based loans can be recorded on Creditcoin, helping to facilitate scalability in the RWA investment ecosystem.

Editorial Highlights

  • One-Pager — Our amazing new Creditcoin one-pager, helping you understand exactly what Creditcoin is and how it can help you access new, transparent, credit investment opportunities.
  • Why Does Blockchain Matter? — Blockchain can be hard to understand. We explain the fundamental economic value proposition of blockchain, namely, reducing the costs of verification and networking.
  • GATE Tokenomics ExplainedWant to know more about how GATE tokenomics works? All the info you need in this easy-to-understand article.


RWA Partnerships

  • Amiloz — A corner store delivery service in Mexico with plans to extend financial services, including credit, through its local network of corner stores.
  • Goodloans — A SaaS company providing ML powered credit assessment tools to financial service providers across Africa.
  • Digikhata — A Pakistani bookkeeping app with over 1M+ merchants on its platform. Digikhata plans to expand their services to include products such as credit.
  • Awabah — An exciting new fintech company working to tackle financial exclusion in Nigeria by offering millions of Nigerians the chance to join the national Micro Pension Scheme. Awabah has plans to expand into credit-related services in future.
  • CredrailsCredrails is a women-led SaaS platform aimed at jumpstarting the growth of digitally-enabled companies in Africa by leveraging the power of open banking.
  • YoFio — A fintech credit provider offering local corner stores across Mexico access to vital lines credit. YoFio uses an innovative machine-vision underwriting model to analyze a simple video of the store and its inventory to estimate its true sales and risk of closure, using this data-driven approach to quickly and effectively assess risk.
  • Rubyx — A LaaS (lending-as-a-service) fintech helping businesses in emerging markets grow their digital loan portfolio through AI-powered risk assessment tools and an API-driven cloud platform providing end-to-end digital lending capabilities. Rubyx already scores over 1.6M customers, while its predictive risk models helps it achieve a credit default rate as low as 1.4%.

Lekki Free Zone Partnership

  • We partnered with the Lekki Free Zone Development Company (LFZDC) to help promote growth, trade and digital innovation in the Lekki Free Zone (LFZ) using blockchain technology. The partnership will see us supervising the development of a new digital dashboard designed to enable the digitization and tokenization of tradable goods into NFTs, as well as the development of new opportunities for digital-asset backed loans for companies in the LFZ. The partnership received coverage in Cointelegraph.

CRIPCO Partnership Events

  • Wade— Our first NFT Whitelist Event with Wade Friends and Family, an epic new NFT giving you access to a creative community full of amazing merch drops, music, and real-world events.
  • OOZ — Our second exclusive Whitelist Event. This time with the amazing OOZ project developed by IPX!

Q4 Roadmap

  • We updated our roadmap for the final quarter of 2022. Q4 plans include additional L2 and RWA partnerships, the Gateway DAO Launch, a big Creditcoin Block Explorer update and another Mainnet integration.

About Creditcoin

Creditcoin is a foundational L1 blockchain designed to match and record credit transactions, creating a public ledger of credit history and loan performance and paving the way for a new generation of interoperable cross-chain credit markets.

By working with technology partners, fintech lenders such as Aella, and other financial institutions across global emerging markets, Creditcoin is securing capital financing, building credit history and facilitating trust for millions of underserved financial customers and businesses based on the principles of RWA.


About Gluwa

Gluwa is an RWA platform, connecting capital from developed markets to emerging market lending opportunities using blockchain technology. By providing the decentralized infrastructure rails to raise and disburse capital anywhere in the world, investors can use the Gluwa Invest platform to partake in debt-financing deals with emerging market fintech lenders, earning up to 15% APY.