Market Update | Bithumb Notice

This market update provides more context and clarity regarding Bithumb's recent CTC designate investment warning.

Market Update | Bithumb Notice

Dear Creditcoin Community,

We would like to address the recent designate investment warning issued for the CTC token on the Bithumb crypto exchange.

The Creditcoin team recently requested a update to Bithumb’s CTC maximum supply information:

  • Old: Uncapped
  • New: 600M

This request was made to better reflect CTC’s maximum tradable supply. Read on for more information.

The rest of this post is designed to provide investor’s CTC's further clarity over CTC’s total tradable supply, and explain the reasons for this requested change.

Clarifying CTC Supply:

  • Creditcoin has two tokens. CTC (Mainnet) and CTC (G-CRE | ERC-20). Only the latter token is tradable and listed on centralized exchanges. 
    • The Creditcoin team requested that only information on CTC (G-CRE | ERC-20) should be displayed, to better reflect actual trading conditions.
  • CTC (G-CRE | ERC-20), the token listed on exchanges, has a maximum issuance of 600 million tokens. Some CTC (G-CRE | ERC-20) tokens have been burned and swapped to CTC (Mainnet).
    • As a result total supply of CTC (G-CRE | ERC-20) is currently 549,913,798.26 CTC 
      • (Total supply = Maximum Issuance - Burned Tokens)
  • The current circulating supply of CTC (G-CRE | ERC-20) is 313,628,928. For more information on the vesting schedule, see p.25 of the Whitepaper.
  • Important note: CTC (Mainnet) cannot be swapped back to CTC (G-CRE | ERC-20) and is not transferable or tradable on exchanges. Therefore, the exchange-listed CTC (G-CRE | ERC-20) supply cannot be increased.

Accurate CTC supply information is readily available on multiple sites. Please check below for a list of available resources:

🖇️ Market Update | CTC Supply Info: 

🖇️ CoinMarketCap

🖇️ Coingecko

🖇️CTC (G-CRE | ERC-20) Etherscan:

🖇️ CTC (Mainnet) Block Explorer:

The Creditcoin team will continue to work hard as we get ready for the upcoming release of Creditcoin 3.0 and collaborate closely with our partners to provide any further information or disclosures as required. Finally, we sincerely apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.


The Creditcoin Team