Creditcoin’s Real-World EVM Testnet is Live!

Join the gamified testnet to win USDT rewards, while also racking up reputation points from on-chain activities toward mainnet airdrops.

Creditcoin’s Real-World EVM Testnet is Live!

We’re excited to announce that Creditcoin’s gamified EVM Testnet is officially live, heralding the beginning of the next era in the RWA protocol’s evolution. The Real-World EVM event is your opportunity to win USDT rewards, all while accumulating reward points towards the EVM mainnet launch later this year.

All the on-chain activity reward points you earn will translate into rewards such as CTC tokens, stablecoins, NFTs, and ecosystem airdrops, come mainnet launch later this year!

Creditcoin Steps Into The Future

Throughout its existence, Creditcoin has reshaped the global credit industry, with over 4.27 million real-world credit transactions recorded, worth over $80 million USD, and 337,000+ customers served in emerging markets worldwide.

With demand growing for more complex and ‘smart’ financial solutions every day, we decided to upgrade the network to become EVM-compatible, and by extension, enable smart contract capabilities, directly on the Creditcoin blockchain.

PSA: The previous Substrate-only version of the Creditcoin network (2.0+ and earlier) will now be called ‘Creditcoin Classic’. The EVM-compatible version of Creditcoin will simply be called ‘Creditcoin’.

This network upgrade is a major step forward in supporting our ongoing mission of achieving financial inclusivity across global markets. Recently, our development company Gluwa, shared news regarding its growing relationships with key African countries, as part of its efforts to improve digital infrastructure across Africa. As Gluwa humbly explores the integration of its technology with its new government partners, we are excited about blockchain synergies in one of the world's most rapidly advancing regions for blockchain adoption.

How You Can Become A Part Of The Future

We launched the Real-World EVM Gamified Testnet as a fun, interactive way to earn rewards for your participation in social tasks and on-chain activities.

Using the QuestN platform to perform your social tasks, you will:

  1. Be eligible to win from the prize pools
  2. Accumulate social points towards future mainnet rewards

Your testnet on-chain activity points will be calculated separately at the end of the event. For your on-chain activity, the more active you are, the more points you rack up.

See below for the theme of each quest listed on the main event page.

👨‍💻 Quest #1: Minimum Eligibility

Complete all the social tasks on X and submit your wallet addresses to be eligible for testnet rewards.

⚠️ The Substrate and EVM addresses you submit must be used for on-chain testnet activities, as it will be used to connect your wallets with your testnet activity. This includes developers executing smart contracts.

Complete Quest #1

💧 Quest #2: Testnet Participation Foundations

To help you get familiar with Creditcoin’s upgrade, earn reward points by navigating through Creditcoin’s foundational documentation, both for the RWA protocol and the new EVM chain.

During this quest, we also invite you to nominate a project for a Creditcoin developer grant! Developers building on our EVM chain will lay the foundations for our future dApp ecosystem, so we’re providing grants of up to $20k worth of CTC (mainnet) tokens.

If you’re a project founder, you can also submit your own project. Otherwise, all users should submit their favorite dApps they’d like to see on Creditcoin, and for the most popular requests, we’ll reach out to their teams to get them onboarded!

Complete Quest #2

🇳🇬 Quest #3: Learn about Creditcoin’s RWA Roots

We’re expanding our L1 blockchain to become EVM-compatible! This exciting upgrade adds new protocol functionalities to expand our integration with real-world assets, dApps and services, while also opening up new opportunities for protocol growth.

In this quest, first you’ll explore links to learn more about Creditcoin’s RWA mission, and then, share with your friends why you think CTC is a top RWA protocol!

Complete Quest #3

💰 Quest #4: Participate and WIN

The moment you’ve been waiting for! It’s time to showcase your Testnet credentials for a chance to win from the bonus $2,000 USDT prize pool!

Simply grab Testnet tokens from the Discord Testnet Faucet and start exploring the protocol's and Testnet's main features. Validators and nominators should complete on-chain tasks with your Substrate wallet, while developers can start executing smart contracts using their submitted EVM wallet. Tasks include:

  • Using the faucets on Discord to receive Testnet tokens.
  • Completing a range of on-chain activities (e.g. validating, staking, transferring, etc.)
  • Executing smart contracts (developers)

As you dive deeper into Testnet, write a post or thread on X about Creditcoin with the required tags: $CTC #RWA #Layer1

Then earn bonus points by referring your friends to maximize your chances of winning from the $2k USDT prize pool.

👉 Participate and win by completing Quest #4 now!

Thank you for participating in Creditcoin’s Real-World EVM Gamified Testnet!

Testnet event updates
April 1, 2024
1. Quest 3 updated to learn about RWA roots
2. Quest 4 added and includes a $2k USDT reward pool
3. The QuestN platform charges gas fees for the off-chain activity of whitelisting. Due to the high gas fees, we no longer require this action of testnet participants. For those who have already claimed the whitelist and paid the fee, we will provide 5X the points earned (1,200 points) towards future mainnet rewards. Thank you for your support!