Creditcoin’s EVM Testnet Wrap-Up

Creditcoin’s EVM Testnet Wrap-Up

We’re thrilled to share the results of Creditcoin’s EVM-compatible testnet and reflect on how far we’ve come to build a more interoperable and scalable network to handle the coming wave of innovative new dApps, such as real-world asset (RWA) protocols, games, and more. We also want to give a big shout out to everyone that participated during our testnet phase! Regarding the rewards you’ve been stacking, you’ll be able to claim them within a few weeks after the Mainnet launch. You deserve it, and thanks again for your support!

Testnet Achievements

Our testnet phase’s achievements demonstrate the hard work and dedication of our team members working in research, protocol, smart contracts, and development. Additionally, the stress-testing of our testnet wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible community. Your participation throughout this process has been paramount in refining our network’s capabilities, enhancing UX, and its efficiency parameters. Here are a few recent highlights:

  • Transaction Volume: Over 6 million transactions were processed on our new EVM testnet chain.
  • Wallet Growth: We witnessed the creation of 3 million new wallet addresses, showcasing the growing interest and on-chain engagement.
  • Validator Participation: We attracted 89 unique, high-quality validators to contribute to the stability and security of our network.

What’s Next: Focusing on Devs

With the conclusion of the testnet phase, we are now shifting our focus to attracting devs to build on Creditcoin’s EVM Mainnet chain. Here’s what to expect in the coming months:

Ramp Up Towards Mainnet

Our sights are set on the Mainnet launch slated for late Q3. During this period, we're focusing on several key areas to support and grow our developer community:

  • Partner Integrations: We’re working on integrating with key partners to expand the utility and reach of the Creditcoin ecosystem. As our ecosystem grows, more products and services will be available for our dApp users.
  • Developer Support: We’re committed to supporting developers through various initiatives:
    • Community Events: We’ll launch both virtual and IRL events dedicated to developers interested in building with us. We’re creating the foundations of our developer support team to ensure builders have all that they need to be successful. Additionally, we’re on the lookout for developer advocates. So, if you’re a Creditcoin fan, reach out to us at [email protected] to get started before all the slots are filled!
    • Grant Program: We’re crafting our grant program aimed at funding innovative projects and practical use cases within the Creditcoin ecosystem.
    • User-Facing Applications: We’re creating user-friendly applications to acquire users in order to attract devs to build with us. We’re looking to provide devs with full support and an engaged community of users ready to explore their dApps. This is the part where it really gets fun!

Ongoing Research and Innovation

Our team continues to research and develop Creditcoin’s Universal Smart Contract (USC), exploring new and innovative use cases that will change the game when it comes to cross-chain interaction in Web3. EVM-compatibility also lends itself well to efficient dApp integration into the Creditcoin ecosystem, and will be enhanced by USC’s native multi-chain capabilities.

Join Us in the Next Phase

We invite developers, partners, and community members to join us in this exciting new chapter for Creditcoin. Your participation and support are essential as we continue to build out new features and advanced primitives for the Creditcoin ecosystem.

Follow our X for updates and announcements.

About Creditcoin

Creditcoin is the world’s leading real-world asset infrastructure chain for financial institutions, connecting global borrowers, lenders and investors on-chain. To date, the protocol has helped its partners record over 4.27 million real-world credit transactions, valued at $79.7 million USD, while servicing 337,000 customers worldwide across emerging markets.

By transparently securing credit history and loan performance on the Creditcoin network, the protocol has already helped thousands of borrowers, businesses, and investors secure capital financing, build credit history, and grow their global RWA investment footprint.

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