Creditcoin 1.1 Hard-Fork Report

Creditcoin 1.1 Hard-Fork Report is here. It's time to dive deeper into the report and learn what happened.

Creditcoin 1.1 Hard-Fork Report

Hard-Fork Assessment

We found and dealt with three issues during the hard-fork process.

Insufficient Specifications

When the fork process has begun, Gluwa unrolled a cluster of nodes to support the process of 1.1 update. Unfortunately, the specs selected for the nodes were not sufficient, which has caused connectivity problems in the cluster, and as a result, block production has slowed significantly.

Validator Defect

At that point, an external miner has started creating SendFund transactions (probably trying to speed up the block creation process); this, however, had an opposite effect because a defect in the validator code has surfaced — internal queries to the blockchain have started to be a performance problem. To fix the issue, the validators have to be updated to version 1.2. At this point, the fork has completed.


A few issues with Sawtooth have been found; they will be dealt with as we move to Sawtooth 1.2.

Running New Creditcoin Nodes

Update your Creditcoin nodes to the latest images to smoothly mine with the new network. You can find instructions here.