Credit Penguin Colony FAQ

Check out our pre-launch FAQ for everything you need to know about the coolest penguin colony in town, CPC, including the mint process, whitelist spots and more...

Credit Penguin Colony FAQ

Check out our pre-launch FAQ for everything you need to know about the coolest penguin colony in town, CPC,  including the mint process, whitelist spots and more...

The Credit Penguin Colony is close to making iceberg-fall, which means its time to start packing your fish and polishing your beaks! To help clear up any questions you may have and smoothen your integration into the colony, we're sharing our pre-launch FAQ to help you familiarise yourself with everything you need to know about CPC NFTs.

Keeping things short and sweet, let's dive in 👇

What is Credit Penguin Colony(CPC)?

The Credit Penguin Colony (CPC) NFT collection is a community of adorable, fantastical, and truly bodacious penguins, lovingly crafted for the Creditcoin and Gluwa community to showcase your support for Creditcoin 3.0.

How many CPC NFTs will be available for minting?

7,777 completely unique Credit Penguin NFTs will be minted.

Which blockchain network will CPC be on?

CPC NFTs will be issued on the Ethereum Network.

What is the key utility of the CPC NFT collection?

At the moment, our NFTs are designed solely as a gift for the community and do not offer any specific utility or additional benefits. These NFTs are meant to be collectibles and serve as a symbol of participation in our community, fostering a sense of belonging, and a way to create awareness by proudly sporting your CPC profile picture (PFP) across your social media to help attract more members to our growing colony!

How many NFTs can you mint per wallet?

Each wallet can register up to 5 WL spots, meaning users can mint up to 5 NFTs per wallet.

When is the mint date and what is the minting price?

The mint date will be announced soon. Credit Penguin minting is completely free, barring any gas or platform fees.

How can I guarantee a whitelist minting spot?

We are providing guaranteed whitelist (WL) spots to members of our community through various events hosted across our Twitter and Discord channels. Anyone can win a guaranteed whitelist minting spot by partaking in one of these public events.

Additionally, WL spots will be distributed to our original NFT collection holders and other select members of the Creditcoin and Gluwa community for their continued loyalty.

What should I expect in the minting process?

At the time of initial minting, you will be issued an Egg NFT. At a later date, your Egg NFT will hatch to reveal your Credit Penguin NFT. The reveal date is TBD. There is no reveal cost.

When will the Minting Page be launched?

It will be released in early June.

What is the distribution ratio of CPC NFTs?

In the upcoming mint, up to 30% CPC will be provided to existing Whitelist holders. The remaining 50% will be used in future events for ecosystem expansion and Creditcoin 3.0 promotions. Finally, 20% will be held in reserve by the Creditcoin Foundation.

How can I check the number of whitelist spots I have?

We’ll announce it on Twitter a week before minting. Minting is scheduled to begin between the middle and the end of June.

That's it for this FAQ. Make sure you tap the bell notification on our twitter page and join the Discord today to make sure you don't miss the minting date announcement!

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