2022 Roadmap Update

Gateway DAO, Block Explorer Update, a New Mainnet Integration + More Coming in 2022.

2022 Roadmap Update

Gateway DAO, Block Explorer Update, a New Mainnet Integration + More Coming in 2022.

It’s been a busy year for Creditcoin, so busy in fact, we’ve already checked off everything on our 2022 roadmap. But that doesn’t mean we’re done yet. No, far from it, we’ve got lots of exciting news, updates and partnerships coming in the last three months of 2022.

So, lets update you all on what we’ve done so far, and everything we’ve got left to do over the next 3 months (software development Gods willing).

✅ Roadmap Milestones Achieved so far…

  • Creditcoin 2.0 Launch — We launched our new Mainnet on Substrate. So far we’ve recorded over 50k loans every month and have over 1,000 active validators.
  • Aella Mainnet Integration — Our first real-world integration with Creditcoin has seen over $8.8M loans recorded.
  • Credal 1.0 BaaS — Our first iteration of Credal was released for use in the Aella integration. Currently this is still in private beta, with a full public release coming.
  • Community NFT Launch — Our custom range of NFTs designed to reward community participation in our events. OpenSea link here.
  • Block Explorer 2.0 — The new block explorer grants users increased ecosystem visibility.
  • New Exchange Listings — CTC was listed on several new exchanges including Kucoin, Bybit, Huobi, Gate and more!
  • New L2 + RWA Partners — We agreed several partnerships with other projects to help grow the Creditcoin ecosystem, including Stacks, Flow, Tron and CRIPCO.

We’ve also launched new features such as in-app CTC staking, but some of features weren’t originally on the roadmap so we haven’t included them in this post. For a more detailed overview of what we’ve done so far, check our recap posts below 👇

🔜 What’s coming for Creditcoin in 2022?

So, with all of that out of the way, we’re excited to share our remaining plans for 2022…

  • Gateway DAO Launch — The first iteration of the Gateway DAO is scheduled to launch later this year. We’ve already released some features (staking CTC for GTD governance tokens), but our first live bridging action will be coming later this year, giving you the opportunity to bridge assets onto several different chains within the Gluwa Wallet. This will give RWA users and developers more flexibility to transact and build on whichever chain they choose.
  • New Mainnet Integration Jenfi, our longstanding RWA investment partners, will become the second major fintech to integrate with Creditcoin, recording their loan performance and terms on the Creditcoin blockchain. You’ll also be able to view more detailed loan metrics when our new block explorer update drops. More info on that below.
  • Major Block Explorer Update — We have major improvements to the Creditcoin Block Explorer. The updated explorer features will allow users to view individual partner loan book breakdowns, including metrics such as total outstanding loans, non-performing loan rates and more, in addition to new overall ecosystem metrics such as total loans issued.
  • More Ecosystem Partnerships — We’re always looking to grow our partner footprint and explore opportunities for cross-chain collaboration. We have more partnerships in the pipeline, including a fairly big one we can’t comment on just yet…

That’s it folks. Update complete. ✅

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About Creditcoin

Creditcoin is a foundational L1 blockchain designed to match and record credit transactions. With over 10M+ users, Creditcoin is creating a public ledger of credit history and paving the way for a new generation of interoperable cross-chain credit markets. By working with technology partners, fintech lenders, and other financial institutions across global emerging markets, Creditcoin is using the principles of RWA to secure capital financing, build credit history and facilitate trust for millions of underserved financial customers and businesses.