RWA Recap | July 2023

This month in RWA: Testnet Success, Cointelegraph talks Creditcoin and a brand new weekly newsletter!

RWA Recap | July 2023

Welcome to the July RWA Recap, where we'll be covering all the major events and happenings in the Creditcoin Ecosystem over the last month. If you're less interested in looking backwards, then there's exciting times to look forward to just around the corner, with the full launch of the Credtcoin 2.0+ mainnet scheduled later this quarter!

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Creditcoin 2.0+ Testnet Success

The Creditcoin 2.0+ Testnet officially ended with over 3,000 active participants! We couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible hard work, dedication and support of both our longstanding community members and the thousands of new faces who joined us throughout the process.

Thanks to all your work, the Creditcoin Dev team was able to gather invaluable performance data for Creditcoin 2.0+ coming later in Q3, as well implement a number of improvements in response to the overwhelming community feedback! For a full breakdown of the Testnet success story, head here.

  • Total Applicants: 9,412
  • Total Active Validators: 286
  • Total Active Nominators: 2,882
  • Countries: 91 🌏
  • Top 5 Countries: 🇮🇳🇮🇩🇺🇸🇰🇷🇵🇰

If you participated in the Testnet, please make sure you fill out the reward form here before the deadline in order to be eligible for your rewards.

Global Shoutout

Of course, the Testnet couldn’t have been such a success without our global community. We took some time to highlight some key contributions and thank these very special members of the community 🙏

July Q&A

You know the drill. Another month, another RWA Q&A, answering your questions from last month! This time we discussed the main purpose behind the Testnet, how you can still get your hands on a CPC NFT, our approach to managing investment risk and more…

Tae Talks | Creditcoin 2.0+ RWA performance

Want to learn more about the changes coming with the Creditcoin 2.0+ upgrade? We spoke with Creditcoin founder and Gluwa CEO, Tae Oh, to discuss how 2.0+ is set to deliver better real-world performance for our fintech lenders on the ground.

RWA Recap | Q2 2023

Curious to know what we've been up to? Check our exciting Q2 to catch up on all the biggest developments in the Creditcoin RWA ecosystem.

How blockchain tech is making an impact in a challenging credit market - Cointelegraph

Sometimes it can be hard to see impact being made by emerging technologies such as blockchain in emerging markets. And yet, behind the scenes, Creditcoin has been quietly purring away, improving financial inclusion, transparency, and making global finance more accessible for everyday people across Africa and the world. Indeed, so much so that Cointelegraph thought it was necessary to write an article about the enormous impact we’re making in RWA. Check it out here.

The Gluwa newsletter has moved over to Creditcoin!

The newsletter is dead, long live the newsletter! If you didn’t get the memo, our weekly newsletter, formerly known as the Gluwa newsletter, has been rebranded, spruced up and moved over to Creditcoin. If you’re already subscribed then awesome, we’ll still be delivering the same quality RWA content to your inbox every week. If not, well now’s the perfect time to join the party!


Lottery Event | 40k $CTC July Giveaway!

Whilst the Lottery continues to await migration, we continue to host exciting giveaways exclusively for Lottery investors. Enjoy!

Lottery Winners

July saw three lucky lottery winners scoop a cool $600.27, $85.75 and $1370.72, respectively. Congratulations to them. Currently, the Gluwa Lottery is awaiting migration to a new chain so we’re not accepting new investors, but, as we previously mentioned, you’ll hear more from us as soon as that changes!

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About Creditcoin

Creditcoin is the world’s leading real-world asset infrastructure chain, with over 3 million credit transactions recorded to-date. By matching borrowers, lenders and investors on-chain, the protocol is paving the way for a new generation of globally interoperable credit markets.

Having integrated with various fintech lenders and connecting them directly to global DeFi investors, the Creditcoin network has helped thousands of borrowers, businesses, and investors secure capital financing, build credit history, and make global RWA investments.

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About Gluwa

Gluwa is an Open Finance platform, connecting global capital to emerging market lending and investment opportunities through blockchain technology, and empowering users with the choice and information they need to prosper.

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